The biggest trick in the scammer arsenal is called


Phishing is all about tricking you into thinking you’re at the right website. It’s easy to fall for, and unless you check the URL of the site you’re visiting, you may not realise you’re being phished. 

It means you need to look at the top bar in your web browser, where the “https” is. 

This is where a scammer often tries to run a con.

But if you know what to look for, you can avoid the scam and you can beat the scammer. 

You can easily spot a scammer engaging in


Typically found inside of a website asking you to log in, a phishing website includes details that look like the real deal, but lacks one key feature that can make it easy work out if it’s legit.

No phishing website can properly fake one thing:

the url

You know that part of your web browser that has the website? The www dot whatever at the top?

That is where you can check if the site is real.

Do you know the difference? Could you spot a scammer and find if you’re being phished?